What we do?


Let the workshop begin

In the zone, the instructor will divide the group into two teams (blue and orange) to start the competition.


Live nature

Every team accompanied by their instructor will go to the orchard area to know, plant or collect some of the season vegetables. You will also learn about the irrigation system and natural composting.


Let's cook!

Both teams will return to the workshop area ready to begin with the cooking of the paella and the appetizer. Each team will wear aprons of their colour that will be given as a souvenir at the end of the workshop.


It's time to eat!

When the paellas are finished, both teams will sit at the table to taste the prepared dishes and the jury will decide the winning team.

What includes ?


  • 2 instructors
  • 1 Chef
  • Salad
  • Snacks
  • Paella ingredients
  • Drinks
  • Typical fruit or sweet desert
  • Apron Gift 
Mesa con mantel azul
Mesa con mantel naranja

Do you feel like more? After the workshop...

La Albufera

You can complete the DAY with a guided tour through the Albufera natural park with expert local guides.

Boat trip

You will be able to do a small trip by boat towards the lake centre to see its extension, depth, fauna and flora. The tour will continue walking through the island of El Palmar where the instructor will teach you about local traditional activities: hunting, fishing and rice GROWING

And if you are still fresh...

We can finish the guided tour with a short walk through the forest until arrived to a wide sandy beach.

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